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Dr. Adam Nally is a World Recognized Expert & Speaker in Ketogenic, Low-Carbohydrate, & Paleolithic Dietary Lifestyles. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine & is a Health Policy Fellow with over 15 years of Clinical Experience & over 1000 Hours of Certification in Obesity Training

Each of Us is Genetically Different.

A Tele-Medicine visit is a virtual office visit that allows Dr. Nally to become your personal doctor, visit with you through the advanced technology of the iPad, iPhone or computer & individualize your medical care to fit your unique needs. Tele-Medicine gives us the ability to order testing and create treatment plans that are necessary for your complete medical care when you are too far away to be seen in the office.

  • Unfortunately, due to significant regulatory changes and cost, Dr. Nally is unable to offer Tele-Medicine Visits at the present time
  • Please check back to this page in the future, as this service is rapidly changing and our office is working on convient cost effective medical solutions for you, the busy individual

Please call our office at (623) 584-7805 to schedule your visit with Dr. Nally or one of his very able physician assistants: Brad Hall, PA-C, or Jenna Lightfoot, PA-C.

  • Why can't I lose weight? Or, why has my weight loss stalled?
  • What simple dietary changes can I make to reduce my waistline?
  • Which diet is right for md: Ketogenic, Low Carb, Paleo, Mediterranean or Low Fat?
  • How does the thyroid affect my weight?
  • What supplaments will work for me?
  • Why shouldn't I use hCG? Are there other prescriptions that will work for my body?
  • How does my fat metabolism work? Is it broken? How do I know? Which labs will help me?
  • Do I really need to count calories?
  • What does cholesterol have to do with weight gain?
  • Does Insulin Resistance mean I am Diabetic?
  • Call the office at (623) 584-7805 and Let Dr. Nally begin individualizing your metabolic health.

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