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I am Dr. Nally.

I want to provide you an individualized experience of heightened sense of well-being, improved metabolic health & strengthened vitality through a uniquely personalized form of medicine.

As a board certified Family Practitioner and Obesity Medicine Specialist, I want to help you effectively lose weight, reverse diabetes, normalize your cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve testosterone, and reduce your risk for heart disease. I am, also, specially trained in laser skin revitalization, tattoo and hair removal helping you look and feel your very best.

My patients and I have found great success at accomplishing these goals through the use of:

Do you have questions? Let me help you. I have the answers you need:

  • Why can't I lose weight?
  • What simple dietary changes can I make to reduce my waistline?
  • Low Fat Diets vs Low Carb Diets?
  • How does my thyroid affect my weight?
  • What supplaments work?
  • Why shouldn't I use hCG?
  • How does my fat metabolism work?
  • Do I really need to count calories?
  • What does cholesterol have to do with weight gain?
  • Slimming recipies
  • And much, much more!

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